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A necessary component of an e-Commerce site is the ability to close the sale with an online transaction. To do this you need an Online Credit Card Merchant Account with a Bank. If you approached your bank direct it can quite often take over 6 months for you to receive a merchant number and that is if you meet the strict guidelines Bank's impose before you can obtain one. I.E. at least 2 years trading history and so forth. With Symbiant there are no hassles or waiting, we have a unique service which enables us to cut through the standard requirements so you can obtain a merchant account within a few days. Once you fill out the online form we can give you a preliminary decision instantly all that is then required is for you to download a form which need to be completed by your bank. Once we receive this you can be accepting online transactions within a few days.

Our unique multi-currency system allows you to accept payments in over 120 different currencies and have single currency settlement in any one of 20 currencies

Our unique multi-currency e-Commerce solution allows you to trade all over the World in local currencies without you losing out on exchange rates. You will always receive your asking price and the customer will know exactly what it's costing them. This allows everyone to feel comfortable with the transaction.

If you have your own site and only wish to use our Merchant service the normal monthly fee is 30 and transaction charges of 4.5% which includes the processing fee, Merchant fee and Bank Charges. However we will pay for your first 3 months (value 90 GBP) to help you get started.

Our service provides you with a secure payment server, admin portal so you can view transactions and sales reports as well as issue refunds (full or partial). You can also take out our payment guarantee to protect you from online fraud.

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